April 25, 2011


Hi fellaww.
This is the 1st time i write a blog in early may, haha. Well actually i have to finishing my job to help him write an abstract in his short paper a.k.a makalah for his final assignment. in my major in college, before our final session day, we have to do seminar perform. anw, those words is not what i really wanna talk about :P

This year, my age will turns to 23 years. Well, i have to say when i was a kid, for me 23 years wasn't teenager anymore. Mature; Woman; Adult; something very old. 23 years in my mind already had a good job, not looking for a boyfriend, high heels and make-up user (haha), and so on. But now, reality is im still the same like when im 20 years, not mature yet-but not teenager anymore, already being fresh graduate, job seeker, wearing jeans everyday, still using my flat shoes, no make-up in my face, and have casual relationship. I hope i can change my thoughts slowly and become more mature day by day. I hope you do too fellaww!

A couple weeks ago, me met my junior high school in sunny sunday. Well, i love to make friends, my thought is wherever i was or will be at, at least i would love to had a new friends. friends whom i would to meet is my class mate in 8th grade and 9th grade. i was sooo duper super excited to meet them! we decided to doing some photoshoot, because one of my friends is a pro for editing and photosoping, and i told her to gave me a favor, added some fake eyeliner in my eyes and made my face more flawless, yippie! the photoshoot was taken in bukit bintang and sentul city. The landscape was awesome!

At Bukit Bintang, the sky was perfect!

Welcoming our new friends, Nisun's hamster

(left to right): Irin, Esti, Iyas, Nisun, and me

Look! there's a fake eyeliner in my eyes, yihaa

Friends last forever!



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