May 14, 2011

Free Software: Adobe Lightroom

Hola Fellaww!
Yeay finally weekend, im superb waiting for! how 'bout you? :0. Anyway, have you guys heard about computer software called Adobe Lightroom? i want to tell you short about this software. Adobe Lightroom is one of free software from Adobe company (produce about any kind software containts Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Player, Reader, Etc). Each software have different functions. For this software, it functions is to edit and adjust your photo which taken from your digital camera/DSLR. I use Adobe Lightroom 3.3, its a new Lightroom already update. If you want to proof, check those image below.
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Align Center
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Are you interest? well, i will give you link to download easily. Click this link, and for serial number click this link. See, Am i kind? haa kidding :) Happy download guys!



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