October 22, 2011

Tengtong family

For your information, im the kind of person who loves to share what i do with my friends, whomever they are. But many posts i shared what i did with my college life, hehe. And i literally say my college mates is my second family. Why? well read carefully and you'll find the answer. so let the story begin, people!

It's been 4 years since we first met. We're consist of 60 postgraduate students who cames from another high school and hometown. We've been on the same major, landscape architecture. At those times we organized many events that made us knowed each other more. As time goes by, good side and bad side every person have been blown up. We also had to spent a day just to completed our tasks that lecturer gaves. On the other hand, there was a time we had a fun, just like our motto: study hard, play hard. There so many places we've been visited and most of us never been there before.

As a large community, we're sure that there's always a smaller group inside. But we still could have had much fun with others, and i never found this on my other large community. Whatever our group, we still become one family. Family that you can share not only a fun, but you can share a serious thought too. Happiness and sadness, Laugh and cry, we've been through this all the time.

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So people, Have my explanations above can describe as a family? Well for me its much enough. One thing i learned from is we'll never alone on this world, so be blessed that God gaves us a family (real and unreal) that you can hanging to.

Last week i attended a fieldtrip of welcoming a new student on my major in college and it made me terribly happy to the max! finally i could met my college friends after almost 5 months we never got in touch. Sadly only a half of us attended, but im sure that there's must be something urgent why they couldnt join with us. The event was held in Katumbiri Resort. I felt in love with that place, so peace and nature. I wish that someday we can meet again as one family and spend a day with a loudly laugh, argh i can imagine what it will be, it must be an extra happiness for us :)

I ♥ my girls!

Curse you my mom's bag. With you i even look and pose like a mature lady, seriously i blame you to the fullest :(




  1. chaans..! i love that moment too. You know while I'm on my way back to home, I felt it's like just a minute we've been meet together!

    I wonder all of us can do HPS in villa or something outdoor like Katumbiri resort.. :D ::D

  2. Aaa same here! i felt like i just met you for a while, moreover i forgot to took a photos w/ all blogger mate, haha. I hope so pram,Katumbiri was an awesome place :)

  3. oh yeah.. all of the bloggers of LA 43 should take photos! Next time chan, maybe at wisuda :D Yes, Katumbiri resort was an awesome place,, Bogor always offering new resorts and new feeling. Viva Bogorian!

  4. gw ikut fotoo dongg,, kan gw blogger jugak.. hehee..

    btw, nice post chann,, make me miss you guys more and moreee!!

  5. Ok, we'll wait for you sen!

    thankiess, i miss ya too! anw, gw ga jadi nitip f21 ya sen, heheee pasti bawaan lo jg banyak :D