December 08, 2011

Another Best Friend Graduate

Happy Graduation Dwica, who celebrated it on December 7th, 2011 !


It was so hard to catched you yesterday, Dwica. I totally forgot if our campus held a graduation that must be a super hectic traffic jam all over the road near campus, and all i could say was..bummer! Yesterday, i was intolerant with that damn ass thing. So, i preferred to walked than rode public transport. It's my first time by the way i did that reckless thing alone, haha. I walked from BBS till i found the traffic was over near Garmindo. Then i stopped angkot and Tadaaa, i met you, Dwica! (and also Ika, Cici, Sisi, and Komti). Thank God, I still met all of you even for a while. Wish you had a great time yesterday!




  1. chanchaaaan. big thanks and huug :D untung masi keburu ya, hehehe

  2. :* :* Gw ga ngerti ni foto jd gede banget ya dibanding foto2 lainnyaa. Uwow

  3. icha geng bodrek akhirnya lulus smua... slmt ya...