February 04, 2012

Sad Ending Of Monday Couple

If you have watched Korean variety show called 'Running Man', you should know monday couple is. By the way, Im addicted to this show since two years ago. First time i watched i still didn't know what the point this show was, run over and over again, full of race, and find the winner. What a useless. But now, at least once a week i need to charge my mood by watching this show, can't you believe that, hahaha. If you curious about my addictiveness, try to watch the show and figure it out :D.

Ok, back to monday couple, this love line scene is between the cast, Ji Hyo (known as an actress) and Gary (a member of Leessang). They built relationship since 13th episode. For me, monday couple had a big role on this show. They were acting like they're a real couple. The monday boyfriend always showed his intereset and carry for the girlfriend with full of jokes and laughs (im 100% sure that the boyfriend deep down inside his heart in real life love this girl).

Photo Stock By mondaycouple.tumblr.com

Suddenly, the rumour has been blown up, the monday girlfriend finally showed her relationship with a guy in real life. Bang! It was so hard to face the rumour and i felt sad that they won't become couple again since the girl have a real boyfriend not only on monday, but everyday. For me, Gary is my ideal type, although he's not good looking, he's sweet, gentle, and have a high sense of humour which is will makes me laugh every single time i have instead. With or without monday couple, he always becomes the boy next door with his peacefulness. However, monday couple was so adorable :(.




  1. eaa... kokoreaan deui..
    Masih aja suka nonton korea chan??

    U wearing new glasses like me anyway..
    *high five* :p

  2. Hehee tampang gw emang bukan tampang anak2 yg doyan korea ya? Kalo drama gw udh ga ngikutin pew, RM sih dr jaman2 skripsi udh mantengin, lo nya kaga tau heuuu.

    yepp! High Five! :D