February 13, 2013

Who Are We : Party Conceptor & Decorator

Running a bussiness isn't easy for me. I'm not capable to sell and promote some products, do bargain and arguing on it. What i love to do is decoring, make some innovative DIY thingy. One time, a friend of mine, Gita offered me and my friends who have created a lovely Bachelorette party for her two months ago to make a photobooth at her wedding event. No need  long consideration, we accepted her offer immediately. We only had a month to prepared this photobooth. Concepting, designing, searching references, surveying materials, working as carpenter, painting, cutting, calculating about the cost, and so on. After 90% well prepared, me and my friends was doing a chitchat and crossed on our mind about 'why don't we make this as a creative bussiness?'. It's a great idea to make someone's event become awesome. Instead of making money, we do what we love, our passion. That's why we've decided to announce our creative and innovative bussiness, not only photobooth maker, but we're gonna make it larger as a party conceptor and decorator. So do not wait any longer, do contact us if you want your special party become awesome like these photos below :) 

Lovely Backdrop With Childhood Photos on It

Sundanese Effect

Rustic Twist

Yes We Are Who Are We?

Raining Outside, Happiness inside

With One of Our Guests

The Team, People Behind Who Are We

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See ya soon!




  1. lucu bangeet chaaan ^^ ala2 tumblr pinterest gitu ye, tapi versi sunda, haha. baju lu juga lucuu, love it :)

    sukses buat who are we ya, i'll promote it for sure!

  2. Thank you, Dwica! cant wait to see you next week! :))