April 13, 2013

Mood Swing

Hello loveable readers!
I know and i'm admit, i'm such a failed blogger. It's been 4 years since i started to blogging. During those years, there was a time that i felt so passionate to do blogging, but on the flip side there was a time i wasn't enthusiastic and not in the mood to do this (because there's nothing i could share to you, readers). I called it a mood swing of blogging. But, thanks to you, i'm still able to blogging till now even it's rare. I remembered about what my friend told me lately. That day, i secretly saw him reading a blog in the middle of working time, and i suddenly asked " So you still love to read blog till now?" then he chuckled and said "'i enjoy to read blog, Chan even i don't have any. How about you? are you still blogging?" i felt surprised that he would ask me that question out of nowhere. Then i answered "im still blogging, rarely. The latest post of mine about two months ago, i don't feel in the good mood to write a blog now". In the end, his question barely boost up my mood to write a blog again :)

Anyway, currently im not an active twitter user anymore. It's kind of boring to tweet for no reason. I also uninstall twitter app on my phone, to ease my addiction about it, haha. Yesterday, my friend told me that there's a hip rumour on twitter that Bigbang will come to Ind. That's why i opened my laptop then found about the rumour became real. Bigbang will hold a fan meeting by Kakao talk in Indonesia next friday and moreover, it is for free only for 1K tickets! wow! i can't wait to see them and attend the event. Wish me luck, readers! :))



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