July 04, 2013

A Cutie Pie Eatary Place: Colette & Lola

On my previous post, i shared about Colette & Lola that my friend gave to me. Lucky me, i was able to go to the place that Colette & Lola where is last sunday. I came with my friend that time about late dusk and it was full by people who come, so we had been into waiting list. But lucky us, there was an empty seat just for two five minutes later. So the waitress let us to had a seat there. When we already sat, that waitress came to us and gave a beverage list to order, but for the main menu which is like cakes, macaroons, cupcakes we had to order right at the display. For beverage, we booth ordered TWG tea (28k) and for the main, i choosed cake (25-28k) but my friend prefered to choose macaroons (10k/each) and cupcake (18k) instead. Unfortunately, i didn't take a picture of what our orderes look like, but i captured some of interiors there. It was so attractive, not only kids, even those adult people like us fall in love with this place. Every girl's dream to have an afternoon tea there. Enjoy!

Sweets Display

Feels like in the kitchen Part 1

Feels like in the kitchen Part 2

Window Display Part 1

Window Display Part 2

Cutie Pie Name Card (Front) Part 1

Cutie Pie Name Card (Back) Part 2

Attention Chalkboard Right Beside Chasier

It was funny, saw all the waitress there mostly men and their body is quite bigger from normal. That's why i thought they should become security guard instead of waitress at this cutie pie place LOL. 



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