October 07, 2016

2016 Album Photos: Travel to Singapore (Part 2)

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So, during my resting days i will post for another trips this year. It was my 4th times to Singapore, guys. I don't know why i fall in love with Singapore like a bunch. People said that "Singapore is way too expensive for travelling", It's accomodation, transportation, ticket attraction, eating cost, and so on. Frankly, i admit that yes, it is expensive especially for us, a budget traveller :P but hence, it will makes me more fascinating to arrange my itenerary! 

Accomodation wise. There are a lot of  range of prices that you can choose. From luxury hotel to budget hostel. when i was there, i slept at my friend's apartment or budget hostel and it costed me SGD35/day. As for me, i do not want to spend my travelling budget too much for where i stay cause the whole day you will spend outside not in your stay. You better find places that not wasting your time to reach public plasces. I recommend you for China town, Lavender, or Bugis dsitrict.

Transportation wise. You can choose which transportation that is most comfortable to you. You can take cab, bus, or MRT. During my trips, i never take a cab cause it costs you about 2 times than take MRT or bus. Beside, when you take cab you will not find any challenges like how to read MRT maps or what line you have to choose to go somehere or of course, how to act or talk like a native LOL. 

Attraction wise, To be honest, i never been to places that cost so expensive while in Singapore like Universal Studio, or many attractions in Sentona island. But, no need to worry. As i said before, Singapore is friendly to budget traveller as well. we also can find many attractions which is free, man! you named it, Merlion, Garden by the bays, beaches at Sentosa island, Botanical garden, Haji Lane, and many more. My favourite places are Garden by the bays of course and watching sunset in Shopper marina bay.

Eating cost wise. Singapore is universal places. You can find many tourists or exparts who lives there with any kind of racist, religion, country, and culture. That is why, when you go to eat you will find many foods from asian, western, indian, and halal food. First time i went there, i managed my eating budget around SGD5/eat, I thought it would cost me like a lot. But i was wrong! i still can find cheaper food here and cost less than SGD5. So many foodcourts in Singapore and it will not damages your outcome. I never forgot to eat nasi briyani, yong tau-fu and ice sugarcane while i was there. Super cheap!

Ok, those all from me! Hope it will change your mindset about traveller living cost in Singapore. Below are some of my leftover photos from my latest trip. Enjoy!

Tiong Bahru Park. It was not purposed we came here. We were getting lost and stopped at wrong bus stop. This park is right beside that bus stop.

One of attractive murrals at Tiong Bahru.

My favourite alley and we only relied on our gmaps. See what we saw here on photo below.

Family in frame.

Tap-tap the pussy cat

I never missed this district while here. So many sightseeing places that you should see. You named it, Merlion, Esplanade, Helix brdige, Garden by the bays, and many more, This one is obligator photo in front of this beautiful bougeinville flowers.

One of beautiful displays inside flower dome.

Strolling at Cloud fores dome. You can see Singapore night view through its giant window.

This time i situated to Madaum Tussaund attraction with my family. Well to be honest, i was not that interested going there, cause it is only wax figure display, i prefer something outdoor and alive. 

Afternoon strolling OCBC Skywalk. So damn hot.

Strike a pose at one of restaurant in Kampung Glam.

The magnificient view to Sultan Mosque.

Finally! i always curious of this hidden gem since my first time came to Singapore. This Sunflower garden situated at Changi airport terminal 2. You should try a visit when you have much time waiting for your flight while at Changi. 



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