August 03, 2010

am still stuck *sigh

halo fellaww. so happy meet you here again
a new month august, and still confusing about my final thesis :'(. you know what, the hardest part when im doing this is to adjust word one by one become a good sentences, and this is making me terrible. im not good enough to arrange words so, am just stuck here nothing to do and put my self to do what i wanna do except that.

anyway, a couple day ago when i opened my facebook home, i saw my friend, her name dita maulani. and am already knew that she's good at handmade accessories. all the stuff being unique in her hand. and i saw a neklace picture that looking good so i bought it. after that she gaves me her blog to visit. when i opened that blog, i realized that her handmade more complete than her facebook, include tutorial that she showed to learn for us. great! please visit her here, click the image bellow.

this is a neklace that i ordered from her. park life :)

when kukuh back to bogor,he gaves me this. at his hometown, he attended a festival and sell everything unique and you wont see in a modern city. its snail! yeah, when i was kid i knew this animal, because in front of my elementary school theres some people sell this

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3 snails in a bright color

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design for a snails home. so cute, huh. so curious who's the architect is :P

July, 28th 2010, my best best best friend, ardin celebrated her graduation! look she was so fabolous!ahh, im so melting. when is my turn?hopefully soon.

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yeah we're best friend of ardin!

now, return to finish my final thesis. wish me luck and hopefully graduate in this year. AMIN.




  1. Whoa Chaanchaan!
    Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog. Hope your graduation day will come soon. Very soon, lemme know, okay. Good luck! ;)


  2. very pleasure ditaa, so proud have friend like you! thank youu for support, okey i'll tell you if my turn will comes true. wish me luck! :D