August 21, 2010

Meet The Japanese

Moshi-moshi fellaw! :)
Probably some of you will wondering why i greet you in japanese, rite? hihi
Just wanna share to you that a few days ago, me and my friends had a new schedule to accompany my lecture's guests doing research here in Indonesia. I dont know exactly what research it was. But a friends told me that theirs research was about measure temperature in several city in Indonesia, which is Tangerang, Jakarta, Depok, Etc using a modern digital tools brought from Japan. And those tools was cool! i never ever saw that things before in my life. One of my favourite is camera-for-measure-temperature. the packaging of that camera so different with camera for capture a picture in a store. Maybe looks like GPS (Geoprocessing Portable System), but when we capture the result so different from original, only full of so many colours, but those colours have a really means. each colour show every temperature. Red means high temperature and blue means low temperature. So interesting!
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Those japaneses consist of some profesors and students. Actually i didn't really know much about them, but i knew some from of them. Kashi, Moe, Shuhei, and Yuka. They were so nice to me, even Shuhei and Yuka was not good in english but they always smiled if i told everything about Indonesia, hehe. We shared everything that we knew each others. I told them about Nodame Cantabile (Japanese dorama), anime like One Piece, Kobo-Chan, Dragon Balls, and Harajuku too. They told that i knew much about Japan, where did i know that, and they said "you really know everything about Japan, you supposed to go to Japan" and i answered "yeah i wish". Moe, one of them had a good memories in Indonesia, she had been live here and it was her third time in Indonesia. So she knew much about Indonesia, Such as Indonesian food (she said that she really like gado-gado and avocado juice), ITB (she said " ahh, the famous university in Indonesia rite?" envy), Gigi (yeah that band, she laughed when i said gigi means teeth.haha), and many more.
For a second time i went to accompany them, they had a plan go to two places in a same time. I was in a group to Kampung Bali (one of a house complex in Jakarta) and only me and mrs. Ani from LIPI, my two friends were in another group. Argh! i was so confused, didnt know what to say, panic attack at first time. But they were so nice always made a talk to me. When in lobby hotel, only me, kashi, and moe there. We told much about us. Such as who's your boyfriend, how was your life. Kashi, a twenty years old girl told me that she had live in USA in 2 weeks with her sister (seventeen years old) and teacher. She have a boyfriend too, and they've been together 2 weeks until now ( a newbie :D), and we like chiaki senpai too! haha. Moe, a twenty four years old, an architecture graduate, a single, loves indonesia very much (she wished have a boyfriend from indonesia) and she wanted have a job in here too. She's so friendly to indonesian people. and her bahasa not bad.

That is my story now. Honestly, they're my first friends another country until now, so it makes me happy. well, maybe my grammar is not good, but you know their grammar not good too like me. And see? i could spend a day only with them and had a lot story which i tell above rite :)
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Different languange doesnt mean we cant talk with another. Just always show our smile then they will feel comfort with us and wanna share everything with us.Voila!



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