June 10, 2011

Another Brain, Another Smart Phone

You know what, i really love my phone. Seriously do. It's android phone. When everybody else use those smart one, i prefer use this. It's phone have a lot of applications which can't use in other phone. I don't need an expensive one or luxury thing, i need something usefull, something that can be my particular brain. So, i choose this android phone. This post i will give you some list of applications on my phone that can help me to spend a day with. Enjoy.

Social Networking:
- Facebook for Android
- Twidroyd (Twitter Application)
- Opera Mini
- Dolphin Browse Mini
- TwitPic Share

- Ebuddy
- Yahoo Messenger
- Whatsapp

- Androidify
- Moron Test
- Tetris Party
- Documents to go (To open MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS. PPT, and PDF file)
- Glow Hockey
- Jewels
- Komutta (Application about public transport in Indonesia esp Jkt)
- Quote of the Day
- Shopper's Paradise

- Winamp
- Real Player
- Ringdroid

- Vignette
- Photoshop Express
- FxCamera
- Image Resizer

- Application Installer
- Battery Indicator Pro
- Better Keyboard
- Bluetooth file Transfer
- Flashlight
- Handcent SMS
- Lookout

I just downloaded Magic Hour applications. It's a kind of photo edit applications, and this's the link. Let me know if you have android too and want some of my applications, i will give you the installer easily. Just contact me and i will send to you by e-mail. Bye!



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