June 25, 2011

How I Met The Foreigners

Two days ago, when i was on my way in the train to my intern place in Jakarta, there was foreigner who was sitting right beside me. They were dad and son. I felt in love in his son, he's super cute. Stole some heard what about theirs talking, i predicted that they were a dutchmen or germany. You know how i feel sitting beside foreigner, right? between panic (if he ask some question and im being blank) or stay cool act like nothing happen (Thank God i used masker, so my half face didnt see and it helped me a lot to hide my expression). In the middle way, that Mister (finally) started to asking me. He asked which station near from Kuningan, Rasuna Sahid. Oh my first talked and i didn't know what to say, im totally blind about Jakarta. But a woman beside me too knew about Jakarta. After that i saw his phone was android, like mine. Then i started to use my phone and open Komutta application (to give a clue that those application really helpfull in public transport). He finally realized then asked me to explain how to use those application. Well after that, we could talk smoothly. He said that he's Iran (Haha my prediction was failed). He lives in Cisarua, Bogor and was going to Australian Embassy (I have no idea for what). He and his fam will live in Indonesian for a half or a year. Next he asked about me, what i do in Jakarta, bla bla bla. Suddenly our talking was being a public attention on the train. Finally he had to go out from the train then said ‘Thank you Miss for your kindness talk and answer my questions, lucky that im sitting beside indonesian who can speak english (my english not fluent as good as you, Sir). And before he’s going out, i said ‘your son is cute, how old he is?’ he said ‘ he’s 6 years old Miss’. I've got a crush on you, little kiddo ;)

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Iran Little Kiddo Who Stole My Heart

And oh recently i'm into this 'it' fashion from Clara Devi's blog. The Mary Jane is killer.
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