July 24, 2011

The Internship Experience (May 3rd 2011 - July 14th 2011)

Seasons City Apartment was a place where i did my internship in landscape contractor company and the project was Waterpark. I was so excited for the project, because that project in level 7, which is in a rooftop! can't imagine what will gonna be, hope it will great :). I've learned much there, about the site, construction, shop drawing, people, everything. And then, time has been running so fast. I couldn't believe i had to finished my internship. For the memento, i took some pict there, unfortunately i couldn't took a swim pool pict, because still under construction :(. Thanks a bunch Tata Eksotik and Crew for gave me a chance to learned more about the real landscape construction (in fact what we learn in college sometimes never be the same in the real one), hope it will be my abs next!

Wooden deck

Green Open Space and Some Planter

Rules on Contractor Project

View from Terrace Cafe

Another Green Open Space w/ Police Line (?)

Gazebo and Unfinished Pond
View Around Rooftop




  1. pas mau k tanah abang beberapa hr yg lalu, gw lewatin season city chaan.. ternyata beneran rooftop ini proyekan lw kemarin. Everything looks Green. Me likey! :)) good job dear

  2. haha that wasn't my project, but lucky me that i could be an intern on that project => yeah, everything looks grean and blue next, hehe

  3. hihi maacih titouu! titou juga kerenz abeezz, Amrik gitu lokh :D

  4. lah.. bukannya itu tempat lw magang chan?? *confuse

  5. what we learnt in campus-chair are not always same in reality. Me too, feel bodrek when people ask about landscape construction, hehe// Good job chan! Love to see those pictures!

  6. be careful of palem raja's pelepah. It's dangerous when it is windy. I ever saw people almost lost his head when that pelepah fallen down. hii..

  7. @phewe, iya pew, tp kan gw masuk di tengah2 project, jd gw hanya anak magang yang sedang belajar di project kontraktor. hehehee

    @pram, but now my job forces me to work based on standard pram, hahaa. wow,serem amat pram, almost lost his head?that was seriously dangerous.i didnt know why they choose palem raja as a main tree, i thought it follows of the concept which is tropical balinese