July 31, 2011

A New (W)Yorker

Work. This is what i do now. Just wanna share a bit to you about my flashback 5 months ago. I've been graduated on March 2011, but my Graduation Day was held on May 2011. Like everybody else, i decided to off found a job, and spent a month in home. And then April cames, i felt like i should had a job now, because spent in home for a month was totally bored and i wished on my Graduation Day i could get one.

But, since job vacancy for me as a female graduate from landscape architecture rarely to found, i felt like there's no hope to work based on my major. My bf also kepts telling me that i had to found a job, which the jobdesk doesn't relate my major, and it was frustrating me. I start to learn in college for 4,5 years, finally end work with no relate on my major, such a useless. That's not what i wanna do, i want to do what i like; my passion, and landscape architecture is my passion, even im not a pro nor expert. Landscape Architect is a precious job, you will know how to protect the world, how nature have an important role in this life, how to create nature more interesting (but certainly whatever God create always be the best), and deeply inside your heart want to destroy all the malls and sky-scraper building which is not eco-friendly (haha).

Still focus for looking on job vacancy and applied many times. I've been accepted as an intern for 2 months and now, here i am, the extremely happy junior landscape architect who've been working in a landscape consultant company until now. Alhamdulillah, if you focus about what you dream with pray and effort, then God will let you to reach your dream easily :)

Because i've been busy of work schedule now, so i just post regularly on weekend, but it will more interesting story and project that i will share to you. And for my fellaww who graduated 5 days ago, happy searching a job! :). Keep on reading!

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  1. yaah... gw blom dtng yah pas foto ini diambil :(( too bad. Anyway thanks for coming and the flower ^^ Glad to see you "finally" can come ;D