August 01, 2011

August Rush

Hey August, welcome! First day on August and first day on fasting month, yeay. Maybe you're wondering why i can post my blog on a monday, which is a weekday? haha. Let me tell you a foolish story. Today is our first fasting, so i decided to went to office a lil bit late. When i arrived, there's no one there, even they locked the fence. I just thought that maybe they was woke up late because of sahur. I waited, and waited for 15 minutes, there's still no one came. Later, i wrote a message to my senior, and bang! he said "Chan, today the office had the day off, because today its our first fasting day". Geez, i thought that i'll be the one who late, so i prepared everything in a rush. Wasted time and money. That's why this title post is "August Rush".



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