August 20, 2011

High School Mates Never End

Last week i had a break fasting gathering in my high school, SMAN 1 Bogor. It was second time we held the event, But it was my first to attend. It was nice met my high school friends there, some people had a change appearances, and some people hadn't. We shared a lot and told about what we do now. I never lost contact with them, we always keep in touch also, that's why i really enjoy in the middle of high school atmosphere. I always like my high school memorize. Friends, organizations (I've joined OSIS for 2 years, man, it really wasn't like me at all, haha),events, classes, achievements, unless horrible fact about people behind my school doctrin. SMAN 1 Bogor was the best high school (Both Academic and Non Academic) in town no doubt (previously), but now some people said that it had much changes about the system inside my school and really need a lot cost if the new student will be accepted. But however, i always proud to be one of student in my high school, Viva high school!

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w/ my closest friends in 12th grade, 3 IPA 4, too bad some of them couldn't attend

Image and video hosting by TinyPicHigh School Ladies (That man? couldn't agree more, yeah he's included)

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3 IPA 4 is my favourite class ever!

Ps: Pardon me about the photos quality, taken from my phone. had a bad quality if use in night mode.

My boyfraw finally is coming to town! and he showed me what he wrote on his minithesis thanks to.
woaa, you're the sweetest dear <3



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