August 06, 2011

Can I Say This is Kind of Proffesion?

Thank God i meet my weekend again. Well for me, 2 days for weekend it's not enough. I need more days to spend my day at home! haha. Well just forget it, im just kidding cheering my self up to be the don't-complain-person. furthermore, my boyfraw not beside me right now. He decided to come home for good. But it's too long almost 2 weeks and i miss him so badly :( Please, please comeback quick, bring me some story what you've done there and a comeback hug will be well treated :).

On this post i want to share about something. I give you a clue, this is an activity on internet and what we do is like a spy, well sort of. Yes, correct it's stalking. And a person who's stalking called stalker. Stalking is an activity which observe someone from their social network account on internet. There's some type of person whom will be stalk, such as celebrity, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, hater, blogger, writer, many more. I openly declare as a stalker. I stalk for good purpose. From my list type of person above, im not stalker for ex-boyfriend. What more can i say, i have a nice and lovely boyfraw who've been beside me for 2 years. So, what for?

there's much reasons why i love to stalking. If you want to be person whom im stalking, you absolutely have to complete my standard :P.

1. Have a stunning fashion treatment. I don't like someone who post their fashion style on their blog, then they don't know how to have a nice pose in front of camera and don't know how to make a good photo. The one pose that i hate is pose with body stand and bow look down. What a weird pose.

2. Have an unique relationship. Such have a nice date and post on their blog or facebook. Have a lovely treat for each other. Tweet something cute and give a write on each other wall. How they spread their love to others, oh so lovely.

3. Have a loveable attitude. It shows from how they post, they tweet to someone, they write a status and comment, and people around them.

4. Have an extraordinary trip. Well it doesn't mean they have to trip around the world. But how they tell story about they trip from their photos, their writing, their tips and tricks, their destination is a must for traveller.

5. Have an original personality. What you post or tweet is what you are. Just be yourself, don pretend to be somebody else. You're one in a million on this earth, so proud of it (I love this quote from Glee).

6. Have a strong motivation to get what they want. If you read something about spread self motivation on blog or tweet, trust me it will contaminate you.

Have you been stalking someone? i bet you have. Sometimes it will motivate you (in a good ways). If you haven't, you should try, it's fun!



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  1. haha.. sering bgt gw stalking chan.. ehehe.. *keep stalking ;D