August 23, 2011

Lunch for Meet Up

Her name is Ardin. She have been on my previous post about a year ago, but i didn't introduce her specificly. Let me tell about her, She is my friend, well bestfriend exactly, and we've been friends from junior high school until now. And from that time we always on the same school until college (different major only). She's loveable and know me more. Umm...what else? sorry guys, im not good at mention someone and tell about their profile, its my minus point, haha. Ah then after her graduate from college, she works in bank company and have to leave Bogor to Solo for 5 Months, it made me a lil bit sad and missed her much. Time after time, then the day comes, she's back to Bogor and i can meet her again. Yes, this is my first meet up with her again after a long time i couldn't met. One thing i can say: nothing change for her! still the same, ardin when last time on february i met her. And this is the report about my meet up: lunch (yeah, we have a same PMS siclus until now, so we weren't fasting) and doing some sharing and took a picture. Welcome back, Ardin!

Holiday finally comes! for this 'short' holiday, me and my family are gonna spending that time in Bandung, my nicest hometown. What's yours? Ah, Cant wait for Idul Fitri too! Have a nice holiday guys :)

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