August 28, 2011


I admit that im into this Korean boyband. Yes don't ask, Korean and boyband for sure. My first fave was Shinee, a cute and cheerful boyband also from Korea. But Bigbang is on my playlist i've been listening now. Im not a die hard fan, currently i just follow their music and crush on the rapper, TOP. He's bass voice is super duper sexy (haha) and he's also good looking. Their music is pretty beat and mixed with some hip-hop sound. For all the girls and women you should hear his voice, i guarantee you will fall into it. FYI, one of them, G-Dragon have a fabolous style attitude, he often showed up on a well known designer fashion show in Korea. For that reasons he becomes fashion icon in Korea now. This video bellow is one of their comeback new song in early 2011 after vacuum since 2009. Such an epic song!




  1. jiaah.. demen bing bang juga lw chan?? ada mv yg lebih baru dr yg ini. Lupa tp judulnya apa. Bagus deh... :))

  2. di cekokin sama tmn2 sma gw pew, pada doyan mereka, tp emang gw akuin bagus mereka. Love song bukan pew? yg MV nya B/W gitu? Gilee TOP nya ngga nahaaannn ♥

  3. iya bener chan.. gw naksir suaranya si TOP.. emang T-O-P deh.. haha