September 06, 2011

Daiso, The Undiscover Japanese Store

Hi everyone, how's ur holiday? was it fun? i hope it was. My short holiday was quite fun and i had more quality time. I spent my holiday in Bandung for 6 days. My mom's family almost all live there, so we decided to celebrate our Ied Mubarak in Bandung as always. One day, me and my fam went to one of the hippest mall, it's called Paris Van Java (PVJ). Then i just found this store, Daiso. It was quite small and lots of sentences "all item idr 22k", what a cheap right for Japanese product. From cooking equipment till gardening tools was served. What i love about Japan is they can produce thing that unpredictable to us but absolutely make sense to use. Daiso also a store in Japan, maybe Daiso in Bandung is a frenchise from there. As far as i know, Daiso already only in PVJ. So if you have a change visit Bandung and you're Japanese freak, i warn you loudly please do come to Daiso. The atmosphere makes you feel like you're shopping live from Japan.

It's All About Japan Made

The Famous Spirit Headband

And These are What I Bought
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Happy Ied Mubarak 1423 h. Imust say, please forgive all my faults on my pathetic blog, my annoying tweets, and my sarcasm words. lets spread some forgive and forget. Dont worry i forgive yours too :P.




  1. whoaa.. what a cacthy Japanese store! It is so nice to visit Bandung anytime you want chan,, not like me. None of my ancestor ever lived in Sunda land.haha..

    Btw how come you take photos in shop? Did you permit before? *still feel afraid to take some photos in shop*hehe..

  2. kyaaaa... wanna go there..
    is there any Japan cotton in there?
    what about japanese food? is it sold too?

    Arashi's CD? i wonder there is any.

  3. hehe not really pram, kinda boring always go to bdg if holiday comes. Wish I had a chance visit another place,such as your hometown, Solo!. Solo and Semarang hopefully be my next holiday trip someday :)

    Well i used my phone that time, so the staffs would think that i typed a message/tweeted something, beside there was only a few staffs working at Daiso, it 's really a good chance to took a snap around store :P

  4. I doubt they sell any cotton there, pew :(. There was only sell House equipments, No foods and drinks, maybe it take much risk to sell that (Pork issue).

    And for Arashi's CD, are you sure for a CD from the well known boyband throughout Japan only sell IDR 22 K? let me know if you think sure! :D

  5. uh noo.. absolutely no.. i forget about the price is "everything 22k". I'm too excited to know that is a shop selling Japanese thing. hehe :p