September 24, 2011

Félicitation Rani Anggraeni, SP

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Ceu, your face is freakin' small! and you're in a middle between the two big faces, me and Dwica. What a word :(

For all my readers, you know what, finally the rumour has been decided, alhamdulillah! well it's not a big news, just a good news which really makes me happy, tons of happy, yeay! Might that you're wondering right i'm happy for what? it's a secret unfortunatelly, i'm gonna tell it soon if everything fixed. Keep reading yo'! Have a nice weekend everyone, God bless :)

PS: I just cutted my hair off. Some said that it was good, suit with my face. What do you think guys? Hehehe


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  1. anyway.. bout ur haircut.... *kayany gw dah pernah liat rambut lw model bgini deh chan* :p
    Cuma skrg tmbh bulet aja #ups *piss yo ^^v

  2. haha,,congratulation chan! I have heard it from your pal Dwica :D

    Anyway this pict is so beautiful! How about you three showing off your teeth, it'll be kinda cute,hehe,,

  3. hah? apaan pram? sotoy deh anda, gw aja lagi menebak2 ni. what good news chan? btw, iyah bener muka kita gede2 bgt disandingin sama mukanya manceu :O

  4. @phewe aaahhh haha lo kae nyokap gw, blg makin bulet heeeuu. Yg sebelumnya bob lbh pendek pew, ini agak dan cukup mature bwt gw, bahaha

    @pram & Dwica selamat apaan ihhh?? gw perasaan blm cerita ke siapa2 deh, ngarang niiihhh. Cha cerita apaan lo? diem2 ya ngomongin gw hihi. Iya nih ga nyengir gw, ga janjian dl sih heuuu