July 09, 2012

The Reasons Being Grateful

Been 23 years i live in the super small world at my super sweet home and been surrounding by family that i always love.

Been 23 years i've done many things which both good and bad things and i believe there's no useless things that i've been doing till now. All i did have a great mean which couldn't be forgotten. 

Been 23 years i still have my perfect and completed part of body and not getting lost even one

Been 23 years i live in a nice environment and never let me down.

Been 23 years finally i've tasted the bitter, sour, sweet memories that i always keep in mind and soul.

Been 23 years i've passed all the formal educations at a great reputation school/university with a good mark that i've reached.

Been 23 years i was born as an easy going, an enthusiastic learner, a humble, and an easy listening person

Been 23 years im always being as a trust secret keeper of someone else's and it makes me feel good to know that.

Been 23 years i never had a short-time and long-term enemy nor competitor. Always keep in mind that it's so hard to get one friend than get a hundred enemies in your life. That's why i always aware about what i've done to everybody else.

Been 23 years finally i've experienced to touch another places to living. Domestic and abroad.

Been 23 years i've met many awesome people that i can't write one by one. They were so inspiring and i've learned so much from their stories. 

That's why, with all my whole-hearted i just can say Alhamdulillah for what You've given to me till now. Can't describe how much i'm so grateful and i feel so blessed for what i got. Thank God..

 Credit: thegirlwhoworeyellow.tumblr.com 



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