July 13, 2012

Quiz: Simple Bold

Hello readers!
Like i promised you before i will write many posts oftentimes. And here it is, a post i've never written yet, about random funny quiz that i found from a random blog. All you have to do is bold whatever applies to you, how easy right? and here it's mine below.

You like showers better than bubble baths. (Had a bad moment with bubble baths once)
You cannot stand pop music.
You have a sister. (Twin actually)
You are an only child.
You have black hair. (I really want dye my hair into brunet so badly)
You have blonde hair.
You have red hair.
You have glasses.(Obviously. I'm a geek)
You wear contacts.
You like TV more than movies.
You don’t talk on the phone often. (Yap, for urgently needed only)
You like to shop.
You like emo music.
You are tall.
You are short.
You are average height. (Well oh well)
You have long hair.
You have medium length hair. (But i think shorter will be perfect)
You have short hair.
You use AIM.
You use Yahoo IM.(Add me at c3_bonk, please?)
You have more than 3 pets.
You like sushi.
You love sushi. (Fixed)
You are on a diet.
You are currently on the second floor of your house. (at my parents room btw)
You have a small room. (That's why i moved to my parent's)
You are in high school.
You have 1 little brother.
You have an older brother.
You are allergic to something.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend. (Boyfriend)
You have a current crush. (forever crush to my boyfie, FTW)
You have many crushes.
You have been kissed. (I love kissess!)
You have kissed another girl. (My Mom of course!)
You laugh a lot. ( Always had so much fun to face this life)
You have lots of friends. (It's true)
You are lonely.
You are depressed.
You are listening to music. (Nananana)
You are doing homework.
You have school tomorrow.
You are sick.
You hate your teacher.
You think your teacher is OK.
There is drama in your school, constantly.
You are wearing sweat pants.
You are wearing socks. (Wear it when i get some sleep)
You are wearing a T-shirt. (Everytime)
You have lost a loved one. (What lost? Shirt? Many times!)
You hate your school.
You loved your school. (Lots of awesome memories i've ever had)
You have been picked on.
You have been yelled at.
You have gotten in a fight.
You have said a bad word. (So sorry, i really didn't mean to)
You shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.
You play basketball.
You play softball.
You play baseball.
You play soccer.
You play football.
You hate sports. (Hahaha)
You get manicures.
You shop at Pac Sun.
You go to the mall a lot.
You are close with your family. (Im a family girl, indeed) 
You never fight with your parents.
You have been grounded. (Damn right)
You are listening to your iPod.
You are watching TV.
You are watching a movie.
You are listening to the radio.
You are singing. You are happy.
You are sad.
You are blah. (Blahblablah)
You are anxious.
You are about to go somewhere.
You haven’t been out of your house for over 3 days.
Someone besides you is in the same room with you. (That's my twin, btw) 
You love your natural hair. (Of course!)
You hate your eye color.
You wish you were never been born.
You write your own songs.
You write books.
You hate to write.
You hate your hometown.
You love your hometown. (Definitely)
You are smart.
You are average. (What kind of average?)
You are dumb.
You get good grades. (Alhamdulillah)
You enjoy having people at your house. (Im happy) 
You love going to the movies with a lot of people. (yeay!)
You like to go bowling with your friends.
You have ice-skated before.
You like popsicles.
You think Vanilla is better than Chocolate.

Then, what's yours? :)



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