September 04, 2012

The Amazing Bachelorette Party

Helo Readers, welcome back!
This is my first post since the last post two months ago (sorry for the late update). Last month i always kept myself busy with these and those problems around me. But now, i'm back with a sweetest post, post that i've never mentioned before of all my life. It's about bachelorette party.

Thanks to Sinta for Designing The Super Fancy Invitation.

My friend, Gita will getting engaged this saturday. As a friend, i'm so happy to heard that news. Me and my other friends as the super team (Sinta, Xora, Tyas, and Meidy) have planned, arranged and made an event (as a surprise party) for her to celebrate her engaged and my other bride-to-be friend, Aras who will getting married on the next year. Honestly, we prepared all the preparations at a day before the party came last saturday.

My friend Sinta showed me pictures about what kind concept of decorating at Bachelorette party via whatsapp (and she send me while i was working, my head felt like getting split that time), and this was not the first time i saw those concepts. I had seen the decorating theme before when i was blogwalking at A Beautiful Mess, and i thought that was a great idea. Simple but sweet. And here we go, i proudly present our first project, Aras and Gita Bachelorette party at Met Liefde Cafe, Bogor :)

My Table Seat 

The Brides-To-Be, The Project Team, and also Our Amazing Things. Woohoo!

Waiting for The Brides-To-Be-Come. Finally All The Preparations Completed On Time.

Flower Bouquets, Cupcakes, And Instax Were Our Bestfriends That Day.

Xora with The Brides-To-Be.

Sinta with The Brides-To-Be.

Meidy with The Brides-To-Be.

Me with The Brides-To-Be.

Tyas with The Brides-To-Be.

I Love Sinta's Camera. Super Smooth!

Self Captured by Sinta's Camera. Not Bad, hehe.

The Super Team, Yeay!

We Made It!

All photos stock by Sinta. See Ya Another Project!



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  1. ihh lucuuuu... mau tau kameranya shinta apaaa? hhhehe..