October 12, 2012

Unconditionally Kindness

This post i dedicate to my lovely dad. He's the nicest and kindest man in the whole world. This post is going be the longest post i've ever written, because im gonna bring you back to my oldest memories when i was a kid. About 24 years ago, my parents after they're getting married moved to Jambi because of my dad's work. A years later, when i was a little girl, my mom searched for a housemaid, then my dad told people around our home about this. One day someone was coming to our home, he's a gardener at my dad's backyard. He said that he wanted his son to did this job and he also added he didnt need to be payed, his only wish was his son could continue his study (at the time his son couldn't continue his study in junior high school because of money). Finally my parents had agreed about this then he worked at our house for 5 years till he was in 11th grade of senior high school. We moved back to our hometown in Bogor and he still worked in that house with a new people who's gonna lived next.

About 2 years ago, i had got a message on my facebook by unknown. It's written seemed like this person knew my childhood stories when i was in Jambi, this person also had puttted oldish picture and i was on it. Soon, i told this to my mom and she was getting surprised. It's from the man that was working at my home a years ago in Jambi. My parents felt happy to knew that we still could keep in touch after a long years didn't hear any news about him (Thank you Facebook, you're really useful this time).

Later, the day when my dad passed away, suddenly i got a new message from him. He said ' Teh, apa kabar Papah? Baik-baik aja kan?'. Like he linked and felt something's going on with my dad that day. Then i replied about the truth and he said sorry and deep condolences about my dad. He said that he didn't figure it out and expected about this situation, though.

Yesterday, my mom told me that he's going to Bogor to met us. Actually, he's going to Puncak for working but he said he's gonna met us first. Unfortunately, only my mom could meet him. Me and my sister were unable to meet  because we were working. After i was back from work, my mom told everything about him. She said that he felt really thankful to my dad's kindness, because until now he's been working in a government as a civil service for ten years. He also said that he always dreamed about me and my sister when we're little kid playing with him, seemed like he couldn't erase all the memories that we left behind. It's really touching me, someone feels thankful with my family, esp my dad. He felt grateful that he could work in my little family back that time. I wish im able to continue my dad's kindness like my dad had done to him.

Because we never know from our kindness one day, it will makes someone's life better someday, and we never know how grateful they are live around us.

PS: Btw, I miss you, Dad. How are you there? It's been a long time, right. Hope you always hear all my prays  to you everyday. Some say, all prays of  the good daughter/son are granted by God. I wish im one of them. Amin.




  1. it's always feels great, meet someone who knows our parents and tells us good things about them that we don't know, right chan? ur father was a great man (even though i didn't know him close)and sure u can be just like him, or even better :)

  2. yes sure, hopefully my Dad alwas be reminded as a kindest man by people who's been around him before.Anw say greeting to your parents from me, cha! wish they're still healthy and happy now :D

  3. you have a great daddy chan. every dad is a hero for his family. your father proved it. wish your dad placed in the best place and your family always blessing by Allah swt amiin :)