October 17, 2012

Bigbang Alive Tour Indonesia 2012

Caution, this blog contains of KPOP thingy. So if you hate about this, you can close my blog right now, because i don't need your useless talk. Like i said before: My blog, my rule :D

Yes, last weekend i just had a super duper awesome day. Finally i watched concert of the one and only my favorite Korean boyband that i've been adoring so badly since last year. I have even written about this boyband before on my previous post about a years ago. It was like a dream came true! I couldn't control my euphoria about this. Some of my office mate knew that i would watch this concert, because i marked on Oct, 13 2012 with Bigbang concert on my desk calendar, haha. 

Before i review about this concert i wanna share something. At first, i felt ashamed that im into Bigbang. I never played their songs while in office, never tweeted about them, never browsed about their news, etc. Like i hided everything and kept it secret, an underground fangirl. Why i did all those things? the main reason is i hate to hear all bullshit blabbing from everyone around me if they know it. Like this boyband similar as another Korean boyband. It's totally different! you won't see in any member of other boyband who had tattoos like GD and Taeyang did, who produced and made their song by themself, who spoke english so fluently, who was in a frontrow of fashion show in Paris like GD did, who had a self show in Japan like Seungri did, who acted in a booming movie like T.O.P did, who had all those swags that only Bigbang members did!. See, and im proud to be VIP!

So, my review about their concert is a 100% super amazing. Their performance, voice, dance, beatbox, lighting effect, stage, live band, everything. My eyes had been served by a coolest simulator and colourful lighting from the stage, my ears like had been inserted a giant stereo even i couldn't hear people around me talking, my legs couldn't stop shaking, and my heart had been pumping and beating so fast last night. One thing i regret of this show is i was on the tribune class which was so far away from the stage! Why i didn't choose a festival class before? because i thought standing over 2.5 hours would make pain in my legs and there's must be a brutally chaos, everyone on festival class pushed each others so they could standing right behind barrier fench and getting close with all members on stage. Thank God there's 4 big screen with HD  quality at it's venue so people on tribune class still could enjoy the show and watched them very close on screen.

Overall, the concert was epic success. Seemed like all the crews and promoter worked hard for this. I really enjoyed this show. Over 23 songs was played, all member was really talkactive to audiences. As i said to everyone who asked me how the concert, my answer always is: can't describe with any words. You have to see and listen they're alive by your own eyes and ears, not mine.




  1. gelangnya bagusssss... ituu.. bisa nyala yak?? :O
    aku mauuu.. hihi. aku nggak ngerti bigbang dan nggak baca postinganmu, krna post'mu slalu pake bahasa inggris.. jd tiap kali muncul postinganmu, aku--sebagai gadis desa pemalas--hanya liat gambar2nya.. :9

    slamat melanjutkan kesenangan mencintai bigbang seperti aku mencintai vespa.. hahahah

    1. iyaa dapet dari acara itu ka, tp pas pulang ilang jatuh dijalan. Hiks.
      hahaa gpp ih, ini buat latihan bhs ing jg ka bwt aku. Biar ga cepet lupa.
      hahaaa selamat juga buat Ika dan vespanyaaa :D