January 02, 2013


I know it's too late speaking about what kind of stuff you did to celebrated new year eve and with whom you had spent with. Celebrate new year eve is never on my lifestyle before. I'd rather to spend at home watching some kind of movies while eating some homemade sweets whatever is with no fireworks in my hand than have to go out and stuck, bear up against traffic jam over the city. For me, new year is not a special day. Too much party-ing, hedonism, and i can't compromise with those things. But this year was an excuse. I had spent my last two days before 2013 with my college friends after long time didn't meet. Early lunch at Taman Koleksi, watching Jack Reacher at XXI Ekalokasari Plaza, fast food dinner at KFC, picnic time at Bogor Botanical Garden with no tickets in our hands (what a sneaky, thanks Yogi for your free pass key :P), 2 hours karaoke at Happy Puppy, having some short chit-chat at Dwica's house, and last (for me) late dinner at neighbors eatary place. Thank you guys for having me on your simply beautiful holiday time and i'm so glad having all of you on my holiday as well. Happy new year 2013! have a wonderful year :D