December 15, 2012

The last month of 2012

Have you heard the biggest rumour in the last 2011? of course you may have. Many fortune-teller on television had predicted that on Dec, 12th 2012 there would something bad happened to our earth and they said it would be horrible problems and hard to be solved. Some people believed that, but in the flip's side there's many people who believed that rumour was a huge mistaken fake, included me. And the day before yesterday was on it same date. See? there's nothing happened with us, with our earth. I believe in God, not fortune-teller who babbling bullshit like they did. Instead of believe in them, just pray hard to your God, pray for secure to you and people around you. 

And in the same month, my dear bestfriend who i've been mentioned on Bachelorette Party post finally tied the knot to the man she loves. Happy wedding, Arashidya. Wish your marriage will full of happiness! 

My Darling Bitches

Behind is a green love shaped with collection of their prewed photos on it. Uber cute!

PS: Finally i cut my hair before 2013 comes. Yayness! yes, i definitely hate to grow my hair long. Im suck to growing it. It feels so delight have my own hair short :)