November 13, 2013

Tour de Bali: Seminyak Part 2

" May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace" -Unknown-

One of our itineraries while in Bali (or a mission to be honest) was to catch sunset. You know how hard to see sunset in the big city, right? therefore, we hunted a place for the best spot to catch sunset. And after a complicated hunt, our final choice was Woo Bar At W Retreat & Spa Seminyak.

The Entrance. Found this place relied on GPS. And fortunately, this place not so far from our hotel. We only needed 10 minutes to reach here.

Composition plants and a lighting spot each 100 m i guess.

These are the pools and sunbed that only hotel guest could use this. Oh how i love this landscape. A great landscape work.

A seating. Another pink ones.

The Stairs. Looks stunning even in the night. 

It's Woo Bar where people who are not hotel guest could see sunset here.

It's a beach club, people. No wonder there's a DJ performance too. 

Sunset seekers were here on time. Chilled out and ready for catch sunset!

Already found out that those palm trees behind made a great background for us to took a snap. Haha.

W is for waiting.

Even in evening this place still stunning.Can't hardly moved my ass from here. 

What a pleasant view. The sky was adorable, Subhanallah.. 
Promise to myself  if one day i have a chance to be here again will find another spot to catch another sunset.



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