March 12, 2016

2015 Album Photos: Travel to Kuala Lumpur (Part 1)

Hi my dear Blog, good day to you.

It's already 2016 and my previous post was in 2013, it means that i've never been blogging for the past 3 years! haha what a shame! well, actually i'm wondering what my blog looks a like now, and surprisingly, it feels good to be back! :). It feels good bring back my old memories by reading my old posts. I feel by reading those posts, i'm getting younger and younger. lol. 

It's saturday and it's weekend, I'm always happy when i'm able to wake up in my own hometown. Lately, i always have my saturday morning in other place for past two weeks since i have another things to do on that exact day *sigh. But it's nevermind since now here i am, typing and laying in my comfy bed at my lovely room. the weather is also nice, i can see sunshine through my window that i won't experience this at my rent room. 

Honestly, i don't know what i need to post or to bring up on this post. First thing that came out in my mind while i was planning to begin this is i should upload my recent photos that have been taken in last year. So many amazing things happened in last year that i keep in mind. For me ya, this blog is like my album photos which i can easily open using my handy device everytime, everywhere. In case if someday bad thing happens to my device, at least i'm still having it on my blog. As you know, i have experienced this before. My laptop was stolen and i forgot to save my entire photos to my other device. It's kinda a biggest mistake and regret to me. 

So, here it is, highlight of 2015.

1st) KL, Malaysia. August, 2015.

In front of Perdana Putra which is an office complex of Prime Minister of Malaysia. First time using my bold red color matte lipstick and turns out it's my mom's now. She likes it a lot.

Trio. Look at the sky, yes it was so gloomy and then rain was falling down afterward. Ugh, how i hate travelling while it was rain.

Pavilion is one of the biggest malls in Bukit Bintang. Look at my face, oily skin alert! :(

Another fam's selfie at promenade beside Putra Mosque. Yes, it was the next day and for mom's sake we went back to Putrajaya since we couldn't explore it more before due to heavy rain. 

It's around 09.00 AM and it's (still) empty!

Challenging my self to take photo in the center of the road. Woohoo, stress released!

Promenade along the river. KL also has a tropic season, it's really hot and humid at the same time. It's not comfortable having a long walk with no cover above it, unless if it has a clean and nice environment as like the photo, i don't mind to walk million miles away. 

My gorgeous and precious Mom.

The clumsy face of sister. lol.

My fave part of this trip. It takes an hour to get here by train from KL Sentral, but it's all worthed! let me show my expriences on below photos.

I forgot the name of this game. Sorry.

Traditional games

Someone's knocking on the door.

When your mom insist to take  the sunnies off eventhough it's not sunny anymore. Let Mom be the Mom.

The Playfull Floor Pattern.

Canvas bag FTW as my fave item to carry along the trip.

Cute cute cute!!

Global warming concern

Her favourite 3D mural

What a good view to the Suria Park.

Lush in the center of the city.

Selfie in front of twin tower with le mom and sister do the duck face.

Done! it's a wrapped for now. Still didn't have a chance to explore more since we only had 3 days there, but i was satisfied could bring my mom and sister on this journey. Till next time!



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