May 17, 2012

A Little Things That Make Me Happiest

It's a long weekend, but it doesn't mean that i need to go somewhere else to spend a weekend. Im a typical hommy girl, don't like spending for a day outside home. I thought it's one of my family traditions, better to spending a day at home with family, unless i have some urgent event that i need to attend. For this weekend, i've been planning some what-to-do, such as helping  mom to cooking for a day or try a new menu that we haven't try before; do some DIY project that i've been observasing for a long time on Pinterest; read some E-books that i've downloaded but didn't have a time (or too lazy :P) to read; or collecting a new episode of  many kind tv series that i've been watched like Glee, New Girl, and Skins perhaps. Anyway, this post is a random post that i ever write. So im gonna write down 'a little things that make me happiest' list, here we go:

1. Put nailpolish when i got my period

2. Watching running man

3. Do some pinterest stuff. Seriously, im sick with twitter nowadays. So many tweets they want to show off   their nonesense critical side. Put it on newspaper, not on twitter, twat!

4. Hear my parrot's talking some random words like doing a mouthwash. lol

5. Eating chocolate

6. Editing photos

7. Cooking pancake

8. Long distance call with Bf

9. Having a short hair

10. Dreaming about my late dad and Grandpa

11. Blogwalking

12. Creating a playlist 90's songs at office and singing tongether

13. Playing with a cute rabbits at office

14. Sleeping while working

15. Playing The Sims 3 till midnight comes




  1. sleeping while working, dodol! haha, ga dimarahin tuh chan?

  2. Haha ngga dong ahh! orang kantor gw bae2 chaaa, jumpalitan di kantor jg gpp :P