May 19, 2012

My First Trial Of DIY Chocolate Mousse

Like i told you before, for this weekend i would make a new recipe that i've never tried. And this is it, a DIY Chocolate Mousse made by me :). Thank God, my Mom was so kind for helping me in a kitchen stuff. Because there was some little accident happen and only my Mom could handle it. Bravo. It tasted sweet, as always. Moreover, the texture was completely smooth, the ingredients was not really blend ,cause the taste of choco was so dominant. But it still was a little bit success for me. 

How to make this? all you need to do is just melting and whisking. First, melting 200gr chocolate in a water. Second, put 2 eggs and 20gr sugar in a bowl then whisk it till it blended and the colour of this mix is yellow pale. Third, whisk 200ml whipped cream till it thickened. Then, put it all together and whisk it till it thickened again and the texture will be soft. Don't whisk too much, because the mousse will be grainy.  For the last, put this dough for 6 glass and freeze it in your freezer at least for 2 hours. Happy cooking!



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