May 01, 2012

Tengtong Carnaval, The Official Closing Event As A Graduate Student

The day had come, the waiting event for me and all my friends in ARL43 called Tengtong Carnaval. This event dedicated to us from our department Landscape Architecture IPB due to celebrate our graduation after almost one year, but it's euforia still exist. Even all of our junior seems want to join the euforia with us and attend this event. I felt incredibely happy to see my friends again, but in the mean time, i couldn't meet my boyfriend. Yes, he didn't come to attend because he's still in Banjarmasin, there was some works that he had to do instead. I miss you a lot, Boy. And to prove my words, these are some pictures with a new layout that i've made to express my joyness about this event last saturday night. Ah one thing, for this event, i especially wore a kiddos look a like, it named Dora The Explorer! Tadaaa! 

Dora and A Girl from Moulin Rouge (Well i named it by myself, hehe sorry Wem :P

Dora and A Chinese Girl (Before decided as Dora, i expected as a Chinese Girl too because of my appearance but i changed my mind :D)


Dora and A Cowboy Man (He even putted some fake mustache and beard, well done Ray!)

Dora and The Flinstones Yabbadabaddooo

Dora and A Girl from Dumai not Mars. Hihiii

Dora and Pirates (With full of his accesories)

Dora and Moulin Rouge's Girl, Ratu Margolang, and Katty Perry Wannabe

Dora and A Beach Boy, A Cheerleader'Girl, and Flinstones

For me, this is the most awesome and greatest event i ever had while i was being a college student and Graduate student also. The audience, junior and senior; the games; the dresscode; but no with place, rundown and food that they served. I felt a bit dissapointed but overall it was awesome. Great job, friends!

Anyway i was happy for the next day too because i came home with many things i brought from friends, which was a pen, keychainm, and chocolate from US and SG. hehee thanks a bunch dear :)




  1. yaaaa.. foto ma gw ga ada chan :(
    hehe.. its okay anyway ;p

    PS: i love your new blog apperance :))
    Buat sendiri backgroundnya?
    Well done dear :*

  2. Abisan ngeblur bgt pew, byk noisenya :( sorry yaa

    aaaa thankies! nope, gw ngambil dr link orang hehehee. Freebies :P tapi kalo header blog gw bikin sendiri :D

    Tnanks for dropped by :*